Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Concept : VENUS

Venus was inspired by Versace's Spring Summer 2011. Saw this dress and got inspired to design a shoe along similar lines. Of course with any inspiration, it doesn't look exactly like the original thing that inspired, but more of an adaptation. If it was, it would be copying. lol.

Velcro strap is an experiment. May not always turn out classy but in this case, it turned out quite well. Plus, GlamRockChic is always about practicality. We understand girls don't like spending too much time fiddling with metal buckles, hence we always experiment with other options. While the velcro strap is not a new discovery, it's not always used for designer shoes, more likely you'll find it on sports shoes, of course.

The leather's incredibly soft for this shoe to prevent the material from cutting into the toe area. 
Toe ring shoe is not too popular but we don't see why. Love it as it allows the other 4 toes to be relatively free! For this case as it's on high heels, we couldn't allow just the big toe to be encased in the toe ring and the others to be totally free as it wouldn't have worked as well as if it were a flat. So we had to place a smaller strap that connects to the toe ring to hold the 4 smaller toes, making it easier to walk.

This shoe is especially good for bunions as it's not constrictive, doesn't touch the sensitive areas.

Road test verdict? Slight pinch on the small toe area but nothing too major. Our friend with the fire red toes (quite a lot of stares) was walking fast in a shopping mall for 2 hours for our road test so it's quite extreme. If you were to wear this to work, for an event, it shouldn't hurt, except for minor calf muscle ache at the end of the day!

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